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Ode to A Bad Cold

By Estelle Sobel Erasmus A little phlegm, a little sneezing And now it looks like we are wheezing I cough and cough and cough again The tissues are my only friend Cause nobody in my family Wants to get too close to me And really, I know there's no one to blame My germs are yucky all the same So if you think you're feeling better Come sniffle with me in this crazy weather Cause tomorrow its sunny, but snow might … Continue Reading ››

A Green, Mom-Owned Business Opens

I'm so excited to tell you about the opening of my friend's business Green Kids Closet, which will be having a consignment event starting today, 4/25, in Ridgefield Park through Saturday, 4/28. Mei Sin, the owner told me about her vision for a green business that she could run while her little one was in pre-school; and I was happy to help support her in manifesting her dream … Continue Reading ››

Radio Waves Washing Over You Soon

I realize I haven't posted in a while, but its been a very, busy month and  have a lot of new projects in the works. Now is an opportune time to be writing and blogging about women's and mothers' issues, mainly because politicians have made it so easy for us due to their insistance on clouding the issues, or the media, for that matter, because of their ridiculous touting of "Mommy Wars". … Continue Reading ››

Mom’s Talk Q & A: Seeking Salvation in a Short Vacation

 Moms Talk Q & A: Seeking Salvation in a Short VacationCrayola FactoryCourtesy of Discover Lehigh Valley
Q: I am in desperate need of a vacation that gets me out of New Jersey, but does not require that I hop on a plane, brood in tow. Can you recommend a few fun weekend trips that I can take with my family?
A: I completely understand where you are coming from. However, I would try to keep an open … Continue Reading ››

Mom’s Talk Q&A: When Will My Toddler Tell Me It’s ‘Potty Time’ So I Can Throw Away the Diapers?

IMG 96461 200x300 Moms Talk Q&A: When Will My Toddler Tell Me It’s Potty Time So I Can Throw Away the Diapers? Q: My two-year-old toddler is showing signs of potty readiness (knows when she needs her diaper changed and asks for it; puts her teddy bear on the potty) but she’s leery about going on it herself. How can I be sure that it’s time to train her? A: Relax Mom. She appears to be right on schedule. According to … Continue Reading ››