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About Estelle

meandC4 500x500 About Estelle

Welcome (my email address is esobelerasmus@gmail.com) and I’m on twitter at @EstelleSErasmus and on LinkedIn. You can also follow me on BlogLovin by clicking here.

 About Estelle

I went from dating diva to midlife  mom in the blink of an eye. This blog chronicles my often humorous, sometimes serious and always transformative journey through motherhood, midlife and marriage.

I created this blog in late 2011,  because I found that after the birth of my daughter in 2009, I had to reinvent my life in every way-personally, socially, professionally.

I’m an award-winning journalist, columnist, author, blogger, former magazine editor,  writer for hundreds of national publications and websites, former adjunct professor at NYU and most importantly, I’m a mom. Of a kindergartener.

mags3 150x300 About Estelle
These are some of magazines I’ve written for and/or edited.

I am a contributor to The Huffington Post. Click here to see the articles I’ve had published there. I’ve been a long-time member of ASJA (The American Society of Journalists & Authors) and  the American Society of Magazine Editors.

I’m published in

Brain, Child: Becoming a Mom Earlier in Life, Becoming a Mom Later in Life 

Role/Reboot: Is the Key to Raising Happier Kids More Cuddling?

Purple Clover: Giving Up the Ghost Baby

The Washington Post On Parenting (which went viral): My Child is Out of Control. Here’s What I’ll Do in 2015 to Change That 

Marie Claire: Quite Possibly the Creepiest Roommate Story Ever

Plus: weight watchers.com, National Geographic Traveler, Working Mother, The Broad Side among others. Click on the links to see my work.

More more of my writing read here and for my print publications here.

For a listing of the books I’ve written and contributed to, read My Books

For testimonials, read here.

My Most Popular Posts

If you are interested in some of my most popular posts, here they are:

A 6 Step Sweet Solution To Surviving Your Child’s Checkup: How I aced my daughter’s annual doctor’s visit (Humor)

The Case for the Pregnancy Muumuu: I rejected my mother’s surprise gift at first…

It’s Not the Religion in the Man, but the Man in the Religion That Matters: My background and why I got married to my husband

How to Stop Suffering from the Only Child Syndrome: This is my single most popular post. Guess those moms like me with onelies need support.

Make Little Girls’ Voices Carry: Raising America posted this piece on their site and I was named a 2014 BlogHer Voices of the Year for this op-ed piece I wrote about a situation I faced with my daughter.

Our Family Trip to Australia: We took a three week trip to Australia in 2014, and my daughter got to pet a kangaroo, among other adventures.

How Justice Was Served Thanks to My Father: How my father’s wise counsel saved the day.

My Journey from Magazines to Blogging: How and why I got to where I am today-on the blogging scene.

The Revenge of the Mommy Bloggers: My response to the media’s misrepresentation of “mommy” bloggers.

Content Creation Sensations (here is my latest): This is where I use my background as a magazine editor to curate the best writing I see on the web each week. To see other weeks, go to search and put in Content Creation Sensations.

My Google Hangout with Author Galit Breen: See the rest of my Google Hangouts by finding them on the menu bar at the top of my blog.


Here is a video of 10 Things You Don’t Know About Me.

This is a wonderful write-up about me and my background as an magazine editor on Beyond Your Blog

And She Danced. My daughter and how she inspires me. This is the post that kick-started my blog. I read this piece at the inaugural New York City Listen to Your Mother show in 2012.

Sponsored Posts

I’m very selective about the Sponsored Posts I do, because I feel I owe it to my readers. Here are two I’m very proud of.

Holiday Boots Giveaway from Country Outfitter: Where I was a Jingle Bells Influencer for Country Outfitter answering the question about why and when I wear boots.

Smile Sharing Means Caring for Children in Need: Where I wrote about a cause dear to my heart that helps children in poverty by sharing photos we love.

Read here for My Favorite Posts

I hope you find my writing funny, informative, thought-provoking or a combination of all three.

Find me here

Facebook: http://facebook.com/Estelle.Sobel.Erasmus

Twitter: http://twitter.com/EstelleSErasmus

Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/EstelleSErasmus

Instagram: http://instagram.com/EstelleSErasmus

YouTube: https://youtube.com/user/EstelleSobelErasmus

The Huffington Post: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/estelle-sobel-erasmus/


Happy reading and please comment away. I love to hear what you are thinking, reading and to follow you back to your blogs.

Cause that’s just how I roll.


10 thoughts on “About Estelle”

  1. Lovely to come across your blog on the Facebook group, the Publishing Blogger’s Network…. Look forward to reading more of a fellow journalist’s musings on life! Cheers, Nicole

  2. Hello Estelle,
    What an accomplished woman you are – so very inspiring.
    When I was little, I set up a desk in my room and often pretended I was Kolchak – the Night Stalker, reporter and monster crime solver…
    I eventually landed in publishing, but on the art side of things. I left an 11 year career as an art director when I had my first child. Carrying a baby around instead of a business card was a shocker until I faced the ‘new’ me – a mother. Fast forward – all is wonderful in my world and I have no complaints (save a few extra pounds I’d like to banish to the dark side of the moon).
    I listened to your 10 things. You are amazingly enlightened and I absolutely agree with your philosophy – “…we are our what we think…”
    I’m so very happy I discovered your blog. You have a new fan!
    Happy Spring to you and your lovely family. :-)

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