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Going to the Dogs Eased My Child’s Cynophobia

By Estelle Erasmus How one woman created her own exposure therapy “bootcamp” for her canine-phobic daughter.

“Get out of my car!”

A huge dog had just leaped into the back seat of my SUV and was hovering over my three-year-old daughter, who was securely fastened in her car seat. The dog ignored me. He panted and wagged his tail so hard that it hit me. He began to sniff my daughter all over. “Honey, … Continue Reading ››

A Beautiful Book of Your Child’s Artwork

By Estelle Erasmus
CassieCastellaw PlumPrint038other 1200x800 A Beautiful Book of Your Childs Artwork
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If you are like most parents, you have collected oodles of your child's/children's artwork over the years, and probably are wondering where you are going to store it all. Personally, I kept all of my daughter's artwork in binders in our den, but it was starting to … Continue Reading ››

My husband does the laundry, and he should

By Estelle Erasmus My husband does his own laundry. Let me repeat those words: My husband does his own laundry. There is no expectation on me to do it for him, even though I work from home and we have a daughter in kindergarten. He’s not a stay-at-home husband (not that there is anything wrong with that); he works full-time in a high-powered, demanding job. He also cooks on the weekends, helps clean, … Continue Reading ››

Riding a Segway, Making a Record and Paul Blart Mall Cop 2

IMG 1329 Riding a Segway, Making a Record and Paul Blart Mall Cop 2
Photo courtesy of The MOMs. I'm the fourth one on the right.
By Estelle Erasmus I did something last weekend that was on my bucket list: I participated in an event that made the Guinness Book of World Records. So what did I do? Did I swim the English Channel? No. Did I run a marathon race and win--hell, no. Did I … Continue Reading ››