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Sharing My Love of Singing with My Daughter

  By Estelle Erasmus   IMG_8136 I have always loved music. I remember singing as a young girl, even before I learned how to express myself by writing. My parents noticed my strong soprano and enrolled me in voice lessons when I was in middle school. I loved studying opera (I'm a trained mezzo soprano) and classical music. I joined the school chorale and then the … Continue Reading ››

Blogger Bash-It Was My One Day Smash

Care Bears
At the Care Bears brunch at Blogger Bash NYC
By Estelle Erasmus I love going to Blogger Bash, the annual extravaganza of Influencers, Brands and Toys run by Joey, Charlene and Lori. Here are some of my past experiences, when it was just Suite Sweet in Chicago in 2013, and last year--the first Blogger Bash. This year was extra … Continue Reading ››

Talking About Loving Growing Older-On Redbook

    Me and my daughter By Estelle Erasmus Growing older strikes fear into the hearts of many women, but really, what's the alternative? Not too pretty. I write on this week about why I have enjoyed growing older (in many ways the second chapter of my life began in my forties when I married and had my daughter). I remember when I was graduating college in the … Continue Reading ››