Fun with Words Friday-Halloween Theme

Here is my Halloween Poem. Check out the links and the comments to see what other writers and bloggers have come up with.


Halloween will soon be here

But if it’s like last year… I fear

Cause Big Irene came out to play

And ruined our children’s special day

So now its Sandy, moving fast

Let’s hope this year she’ll hurry past

For costumes bought at party stores

Disney Princesses, Batman, many more

Need to be worn and shown off you see

So say to your child, “you can count on me”

And make a plan no matter what

That Halloween won’t go to pot!


How are you going to celebrate Halloween if it’s storming?




 Fun with Words Friday Halloween Theme

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Estelle Erasmus is an award-winning journalist and former magazine editor-in-chief who is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post. Estelle blogs about life raising a young daughter in midlife at Musings on Motherhood & Midlife. She is the co-author of Beautiful Skin: Every Woman's Guide to Looking Her Best at Any Age (Adams Media), and has been a featured author in several anthologies. Estelle won BlogHer Voices of the Year awards in 2012 and 2014. She is a 2014 Disney Social Media Moms, and a 2014 National Geographic Kids Insider. She has spoken about publishing at Folio MidWest and iRetreat2014. She writes regularly on travel, parenting and lifestyle issues.

3 thoughts on “Fun with Words Friday-Halloween Theme”


    Will she or won’t she, we
    all want to know.

    Will she drop rain, leaves
    or (worse) snow?


    The Hurricane Center’s
    warnings we sure have all seen.

    Will we again have to
    cancel our Halloween?


    Believe not a word?  The meteorologist a joker?

    Sam Champion a farce!  A liar: 
    Al Roker?


    Sandy headed through
    Kingston and right toward the shore.

    She’s tracking past Cuba
    to knock on our door.


    Will she head out to sea,
    give us merely a glance?

    Or will a “Perfect Storm”
    be the worst circumstance?


    Call it a hurricane,
    Nor’easter or storm

    Depends on her path and
    the shape she will form


    As to whether we’re
    walloped.  What’s your belief?

    Will you dust off the
    generator? Sigh with relief?


    Really?  An unnatural beast

    With nothing but vengeance
    headed toward the northeast?


    Gale force winds,
    drenching rain, they’re predicting it all

    With heavy, wet branches
    filled with leaves that will fall.


    Come next Tuesday morning
    we’ll all know for sure

    Whether it’ll happen
    again…just like before.


    No witches. No
    goblins.  No Halloween fright.

    No Snickers.  No Reese’s. 
    No Trick or Treat Night?


    The kids, oh the kids,
    please say it ain’t so

    How can this happen two
    years in a row?


    Mother Nature please hope
    with all of your might

    That those weather forecasters
    just really ain’t right.


    –Melanie Wilson

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