Why I Will Never Let My Daughter Ride Her Bike Alone

IMG 0990 768x1024 Why I Will Never Let My Daughter Ride Her Bike AloneBy Estelle Sobel Erasmus My daughter is 3 1/2; young enough so I basically know where she is every minute of every day. When she's not with me, she's with my husband, or her grandparents, a trusted baby sitter or pre-school. But it won't always be like that-as she gets older she'll want more independence; and I'll give it to her-within limits. … Continue Reading ››

Fun with Words Friday-Halloween Theme

Here is my Halloween Poem. Check out the links and the comments to see what other writers and bloggers have come up with.   Halloween will soon be here But if it's like last year... I fear Cause Big Irene came out to play And ruined our children's special day So now its Sandy, moving fast Let's hope this year she'll hurry past For costumes bought at party stores Disney Princesses, Batman, many more Need to be worn and shown … Continue Reading ››

Fun with Words Friday Post/Women and Politics

By Estelle Sobel Erasmus Here is my Fun with Words Friday poem. Please check out the other posts that have linked to this one.   Get Into My Binder Some may think us gals are blind they talk as if we wouldn't mind If all our rights were grabbed from us They think we shouldn't make a fuss But we are "qualified" its true Deny it, and the day you'll rue So look around and please don't mind her Cause she's … Continue Reading ››

Fun with Words Friday

  Are you creative? Would you like to be a part of our Fun with Words Friday post? Then write a short poem or limerick about women and politics (in honor of the debates), and we will showcase your creativity. You can link up for FREE below. When you link up please link to your direct post not your homepage. Also include a short description and your site's … Continue Reading ››

Fall Beauty Solutions for Stressed out Moms

DSCN0094 e1350307287458 225x300 Fall Beauty Solutions for Stressed out MomsNow that summer is over and the leaves are turning brown and red, I need beauty products that will help, not hinder my routine. With that in mind, here is a roundup of some of the best new items to soothe, clean, moisturize and help you glow as you effortlessly glide through the season. Wakeup Your Makeup He’s been named the … Continue Reading ››

It’s All Treats at Sesame Place

Here is a guest post by Darla DeMorrow on Sesame Place. Request your free 31 Simple Tips for Organizing Space, Time, Paper and Information and check out her blog at HeartWork Organizing.  Also, check out Musings on Motherhood and Midlife's report on a trip to Sesame Place and other cool locations in my post Seeking Salvation on a Short Vacation. Spooktacular Cookie Monster and I are tight, and I have … Continue Reading ››